A teacher and students dressed up as dalmatians
A school principal and other staff members holding a large sign
A group of students standing in front of a school gutter/drainage system
Two students holding a butterfly outside with their hands
A teacher holding two carts that have boxes stacked on
A school principal and dealership representatives holding up two signs
A female student smiling while standing in her kitchen
A teacher helping a student drill a screw to build a picnic table
Graphic with the four 2023 R.E.B. winners
A girl using simulation goggles while in a car
Four students pose with gardening tools
A volunteer reading a book to a group of students
A girl holding up a school bus prop
Three boys creating poems with magnetic words
A group of students playing tug of war
A volunteer reading to children in a classroom
Three Aztec dancers dancing in the school cafeteria
A specialty center student standing in front of her tea products
Marching band performing at night on the school field