Student Waiver

This link will take you to the regulation pertaining to student enrollment waivers.

Waivers are valid for one academic year only and must be renewed annually.

Students are expected to attend their home school. (Elementary school students who received a grandfathered child-care waiver for the 2017-18 year are eligible to reapply for a waiver in subsequent years. Sibling waiver requests will not be granted.)

The due dates for completed waiver forms to be submitted to the principal of the home school are Feb. 15 for high schools and April 15 for elementary schools and middle schools.

If a waiver is approved, the parent/guardian is responsible for providing transportation to the non-home school. Among other reasons, waivers may be denied for unacceptable academic performance and may be denied or revoked for

  • unacceptable behavior at either school or

  • unacceptable attendance (including unacceptable late arrivals or early dismissals) at either school

Again, information about waiver regulations is available here. Waiver forms are available below. If you have questions, you may contact your child’s school or email