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The transportation system in Chesterfield County Public Schools is the largest in central Virginia.

The transportation system in Chesterfield County Public Schools is the largest in central Virginia, daily carrying 55,000+ students along 2,500+ routes covering 26,000 miles.

  • Families are asked to keep up-to-date student transportation information by logging into ParentVUE and checking your home address and any alternative addresses. For a link to ParentVUE and more details, go to

  • Prekindergarten, kindergarten or early childhood special education students may sit with an older sibling at the front of the bus.

  • Bus stops are placed in the safest location possible with a maximum walking distance of 0.3 miles for students in grades K-5 and 0.5 miles for students in grades 6-12 when possible during the school year; distances may be greater during summer school.

  • Bus stop information is available to parents via e-Link by using a student’s ID to sign in. Routes and stops are subject to change at any time.

  • Students must be at their bus stop five minutes before their bus is due to arrive. School buses will not wait for students.

The My Stop web and mobile application allows you to locate your child’s bus via GPS tracking to see where the bus is and its estimated arrival to your bus stop. The bus’s location is updated on the map every five seconds so there are no surprises in the event of a delay. Here’s how to access My Stop:

  • Via app: Search for My Stop in the app store and select “Versatrans My Stop.” There are several My Stop apps; choose the Versatrans version.

  • Via computer:

Express cards (or radio frequency identification cards) add an extra level of safety for the youngest students as they board and disembark school buses.

  • Cards have been issued to PK-5 students to be used throughout their school years in Chesterfield County Public Schools. Students should bring their cards to school every day; they may be used on the bus, in the school library and in the school cafeteria.

  • Students place the card against a sensor as they board and disembark. The tablet will make a happy sound if the student is boarding/disembarking at the correct locations.

  • Parents can use My Stop to follow the bus the student rides, and the points at which the student enters and leaves the bus are recorded.

  • The cards do not track students. The cards only associate students to the bus they are riding so parents know where their students are and drivers know which stops are the correct stops.

Bus transportation is a privilege, and students riding school buses are required to obey all rules and regulations established by the school and driver. All buses are equipped with surveillance cameras to assist in safe transportation. Parents are encouraged to remind their children to respect the property of the school division and neighbors living near a bus stop. Inappropriate conduct while riding a school bus may result in denial of this privilege. The school principal and Transportation Department make disciplinary decisions about school bus transportation.

Bus Safety

Remember that buses are considered an extension of the classroom, and it is important that students follow the rules for the safety of everyone on the bus. Watch #oneCCPS students demonstrate tips on bus behavior. For a more complete list of rules, click on Bus Safety Expectations.

Versatrans e-Link Platforms and My Stop App

Versatrans e-Link is your connection to student transportation schedules. To protect the privacy of our students- and families, this information is not published anywhere else. 

You can download the My Stop mobile app to view real-time information about the location of your student’s bus during morning and afternoon routes. 

How to contact Transportation


  • Transportation main office: 804-748-1656

  • Special education transportation: 804-748-1656, option 2

  • Area transportation office for your school: 804-748-1656, option 3, then say the school name or dial the first three letters of the school name

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