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Homebound Services

About homebound services

Homebound instruction is designed as a temporary instructional bridge for students who must leave the classroom due to medical needs. The goal is to facilitate the student’s return to the current classroom setting as soon as medically possible. 


Homebound services are provided for students who are advised not to attend school due to medical needs and/or students who have a medical condition or treatment that may interfere with consistent school attendance (e.g. students receiving dialysis, radiation, or chemotherapy treatments). Homebound services will not be approved for absences related to family care or illness.

Requesting homebound services 

Parents are encouraged to work with their school counselors, teachers, administrators and staff before requesting homebound services.

If homebound services are deemed appropriate, a completed medical certification of need must be submitted to Homebound Services. You may request this form from your school. Parents are responsible for properly submitting all requested information and physician documentation.

Homebound instruction

The homebound instruction specialist makes the assignments for homebound instruction based on the needs of each individual student. Types of instruction could include:

  • A homebound teacher using instructional materials provided by classroom teacher(s) 

  • Online instruction with support from the school’s online teacher and/or an assigned homebound teacher in the home/community setting, a virtual setting or one of the homebound labs

  • A combination of classroom and online classes

For more details on homebound instructional models, see the frequently asked questions below.


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